Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lucy Loves Loft- Just As Much As Her Human!

Having a boxer puppy in the house, pretty much means that there is never a dull moment, and this morning was no exception. Lucy is very well behaved for a puppy, she rarely gets into things that she's not supposed to, but maybe that's because her human is so careful about leaving anything that might be tempting to a boxer baby lying around.

Loft was having a 40% off sale on Sunday, and I just couldn't resist it. (Who can resist 40% off?) Anyway, the bag from Loft has been in my car since Sunday, and in an effort to make my car look somewhat like I'm not living in it, I decided to clean some stuff out of there this morning before work. I completely forgot that I had set the bag on the steps until I let my boxer in the house and saw her make a mad dash for that wonderful, krinkly bag. BAD HUMAN!

The next 15 minutes was filled with (you guessed it) picture taking, and a boxer doing mad dashes around the living room, foyer, and office destroying that wonderful Loft bag! I couldn't stop laughing! Of course, she helped her human by removing each of the articles from the bag, and shredding the tissue paper into hundreds of tiny pieces which were a ton of fun for her human to clean up. (You want a funny picture, ya gotta pay the piper!)

Lucy seemed completely oblivious to the fact that not only was she doing something completely mischievous, but that her human was capturing the whole caper on camera for about the first 5 minutes. She was so busy flying around that it would have been impossible for her to notice that her human was on to her!

At first, I'm pretty sure that it was the challenge of getting the clothes out of the bag. Then the crinkles that the bag was making were so wonderful that she couldn't stop terrorizing the bag. And finally, when she started to get a little tired of the whole thing- that thick black rope handle was entirely too much to resist and she settled right down and started chewing.

All I know is that the simple shopping bag entertained both my boxer and I longer than most expensive dog toys do! And I couldn't be more thrilled that Lucy loves Loft as much as I do!

The Lucy provided entertainment never seems to stop, thankfully! On Monday, after all of the cleaning and laundry, I got the tractor out to cut the grass. I'm not entirely sure (because my mind reading skills when it comes to the boxer are somewhat off) whether Lucy loves the tractor or hates it, because every time it comes out of the shed, Lucy goes completely crazy. She chases it, and barks at the entire time it's running.

But, the fun didn't stop there, because we've had so much rain (and because unknown to Lucy's Human, the deck was on the lowest setting) the entire yard badly needed to be raked (if I didn't want to be cleaning grass from the house for the next 7 days). My little boxer went completely bananas when I got the rake out and tried to start cleaning up the grass. I had great challenges detaching her little mouth from the teeth of the rake, and when I finally did get her off of the rake and manage to make a sweep across the yard, Lucy just destroyed the pile.

After about 15 minutes of this, Lucy's Human gave up and called Lucy into the house, just in time to miss a huge downpour! The yard still hasn't been raked, but it doesn't need to be anymore; our two dogs have tracked all of the grass across the deck and right into the house. I'm so glad I spent my entire day off cleaning the house! It really made a difference- for the first 5 minutes!


  1. Hey Lucy don't you just love bags, any bag, Let me gave you a bit of advice, you need to run off with it, don't sit there, get your mom running, and don't give it back till she gives you a treat, remember you have to train mom, not mom trains you.
    See Yea George xxx

  2. Sweet Lucy Lou,

    Luvs the new look of your bloggie! My mom is sitting besides me smiling reading about you today, looking at me and saying "been there, done that, huh Maggie Mae?" I wonders what she means by that.... :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. I once had a Boxer pup who was a terror when left alone in the house. She loved to rip things up and drag things from one place to another. I never knew what mess I'd come home to. She grew up to be a wonderful, well behaved girl.