Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lucy Likes It: Pro-Treat Beef Liver Treats

Consider this the first blog in a series that we are going to call "Lucy Likes It". Over the next several weeks, we'll share our favorite toys and treats, because if you're anything like us, the toy and treat aisles can be rather daunting, and there is nothing more frustrating than getting home with something and finding out that it's no fun for the dog, or that it just doesn't taste good. We'll even tell you where to buy them and get the best deal- because Lucy and I are nothing if we're not bargain shoppers!

Our very favorite training treat is Pro-Treat Beef Liver Treats. We buy the 14 ounce tubs of them from PetCare Rx. A 14 ounce tub is $27.00, however this online retailer usually has specials running, and if you link to their site via Ebates.com, you'll get an additional 12% cash back and you get Pet Points which can be used on future purchases. I usually get free shipping, too! A tub lasts Lucy for about 2 months. Lucy likes them so much that I keep a tub at home, and one at the store, and I always have a pocket full of these tasty treats.

Lucy's Human likes that these are 100% preservative free with no additives, and are made of pure freeze dried beef liver- nothing better than a treat that is actually nutritious for the dog. They are a great source of protein. Lucy likes them (I am going to assume here- because I've never tasted one) because they're good.

The only cons that I can find to these treats is that they don't smell very good, and some of them are rather large and need to be broken down. On the positive side, they don't spoil- the container is re-sealable, and they break easily.

Lucy gives Pro-Treat Beef Liver Treats: 10 Wiggles

Coming Tomorrow: Lucy's Favorite Interactive Toy! Stay tuned!


  1. Those treats are really good. I used to get them all the time for Miss M to use in training. Then I realized Miss M would eat anything...but they are good for dogs who are treat selective.

  2. Lucy - Thanks for following us - we're following you back. Love your blog and you are too cute! We'll be sure to tell Mom about the Liver Treats 'cause she's in charge of the food and we would definitely like to help her any way we can! Thanks for the tip - keep 'em coming!
    The Road Dogs

  3. These sound absolutely yummy! Thanks for sharing!!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Dear Road Dogs & Mr. Pip-

    I'd send ya some myself, but my driving abilities are limited! Tell your ma's to get ya some, asap!

    Wiggles & Giggles,
    Lucy Lou