Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lucy's Take... Exploring The Great Outdoors

The Human has a new camera, and for some reason, she's completely fascinated with taking my picture... Especially when there are flowers around. I just do my best to look as cute as possible hoping to get the picture taking out of the way... But the cuter I look the more pictures she seems to take.

"Just trying to catch a snooze... This is pretty comfy, Mom! Why don't you try it?"

"This has got to be the noisiest toy I own. Do you think if I bite it enough, it will shut up?

"This is a great pose, Mom. Did you get it? Can we do something else now?"

"It's hard work bein a good puppy... I'm so tired!"

"I'm sittin... where's my treat?"

"I'm done sittin... But I should get extra treats because this is gonna be such a nice picture."

"If I get all of the balls out, will you leave them out, Mom?"

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