Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lucy's Take... I Had a Busy Mornin... Now I's tired!

Mommy & Daddy were up really early this mornin. It was so early dat I couldn't wake up right! Daddy left before Mommy even had her 1st cup of coffee, so I was left with the responsibility of takin care of Mommy. I couldn't let Mommy drink her coffee alone, so I sat right next to her on da deck, waitin for her to be done with da coffee so I could entertain her. It was so hard to sit still- but she had some of those treats in her pocket which helped...

" Mommy keeps setting stuff where I can't reach and tellin me to 'wait, Lucy'. So, I sit until I hear her say 'okay, Lucy'. Then she hands me da toy! It's so hard when I want the toy. But, I must be doin the right thing, cause she says 'Good Lucy'."

" I dunno why Mommy's down in the yard when I'm up here on the deck? Whatcha doin, Mom? Why are you taking my picture from down there? Do I look scary from down there?"

I'll help you get your coat off, Ma. It's not as cold as it was earlier. Hang on, I'm pullin as hard as I can... I'll get it, don't worry, Ma!"

" Ugh, oh! How did my ball get in there? Mommy did you put my ball in the hot tub?"

" I've gotta hurry. My balls gonna sink. Can you help me, Ma?"

" Mommy & I got the ball out, I wonder how long I have before the shepherd takes it away from me? Where is that darn dog anyway?

" Check this shot out! Good job, Mom! I look pretty darn cool- and I beat the shepherd to the ball! Look out Ceasar- there's a new top dog in town!"

" Do we really have to go to work today, Ma? We're having so much fun in the yard, can't we just stay here and play all day? Can we, Ma? Please.... I'll be really good- I'll even let you take as many pictures as ya want!"

" Are you coming, Ma? Hurry up, I'm waitin for ya. I'll give you a kiss if you put that darn camera down and get in da car."

Warning: Objects in mirror closer than they appear. Oh Goody!

" We went to that place where da pets go before work this mornin. This big green spider is what my mommy bought me. Whadda ya think? He makes funny noises. Everyone made a big fuss over me in dat place! I like it there!"

" We had such a busy morning, now I've gotta get some sleep! It's hard work entertainin my human! I'm gonna curl up with my new spider so he don't get lonely in his new home! Thanks, Mom!"

Oops, looks like I'm not gonna get any rest.. Maggie Mae told us about this blog hop thing and now we're doin dat...


  1. OMD Miss Lucy Lou,

    What an exciting morning you just had. You has exhausted me just telling me all about it...time for my nap now too!

    Have you gone to the Saturday Blog Hop yet? It's a grreat way to introduce your cutie patootie self to other puppies and kittehs and make new furiends. Go to my bloggie today and click on Blog Hop it will take you to a bloggie page where you can sign up!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS My mom says good job on learning your waits!

  2. Otay, Maggie Mae-

    Mommy took care of the blog hop thing... Looks like we'll be rockin now!

    I did all of dat stuff before 10 AM this mornin! And boy am I all poops out! Dat waits stuff is hard work!

    Lucy Lou

  3. Hi Lucy - Maggie Mae is right, the blog hop is a great way to meet friends! Maggie and I are good friends!

    Hope we can be friends!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Hiya, Pip!

    We's can definitely be friends! Thanks for followin my blog!


  5. Hopping through from the blog hop. Nice to meet you! I think my pal Jordie would love that spider.

  6. Thanks for visitin our blog Muchadoaboutnothing. My human bought the spider at Petco...and it's wonderful!


  7. Hi Lucy....I am just stopping by during Saturday blog hop to introduce myself! I am also good furrends with Maggie Mae!

    Hopes to see lots more of you! Comes by and visit and follow my blog.


  8. Hi, Lucy! Is that a spot on your nose? I LOVE it!

    I have a Lucy, too, and she's wonderful. Maybe all dogs named Lucy are the best dogs in the world. What do you think? Of course, I can't tell the other four dogs... :)

  9. Hi Minna & Pibble!

    Welcome to my blog! Thanks for followin my adventures! Yep that's a spot on my nose- it's the only one I has left. My human is so sad because I had a bunch of them when I came to live with her, and now they're all gone. I don't know where I lost them- if I could find them and put dem back I would!