Monday, May 10, 2010

Wiggle Butts, Kisses, Sneezes and Snores, OH MY!

It was about 5 weeks ago that we brought little Lucy home. She was about 10 pounds and looked so fragile, she was really tiny- especially next to the German Shepherd. She was absolutely darling, and when people saw her, they remarked how cute she was and asked what breed she was. 5 weeks later, I hear, "What a beautiful little boxer." It's amazing that this time has turned Lucy from a puppy, to a boxer! And everyone wants to stop and talk to her. She's such a little charmer, and has made lots of friends in the last couple of weeks.

I'm pretty certain that the man upstairs had something to do with my finding the ad for Lucy 9 weeks ago. I think he knew that not only did my broken heart need to be mended, but that I also needed some humor, silliness, and some good, plain fun in my life. Because I haven't stopped giggling since Lucy came home! My little girl always seems to know just the right moment to wiggle on up to me and plant a bunch of tiny little boxer kisses right on my mouth. I never knew how much I was going to love Boxer kisses! And after several weeks of attempting to play with her, and ending up with bite marks all over my hands and arms, I am loving that I can now sit on the floor with her, and she'll plant her little bottom on my lap and attack a toy instead of my hands and arms!

I love to watch her play. Most of the time her little butt is up in the air, and as she plays her body twists and turns and fumbles all over the floor. Boxer play is so comical!

Lucy has always done some version of the much discussed "kidney bean", but this past week, she has perfected it. One night last week, Rob walked in the door, and Lucy got so excited and doubled herself right in half. My face lit up, and I said "She's kidney beaning, look how happy she is to see you". Rob thought I was nutty, but the fact that her little "antennae" was just about touching her nose just made me smile! That wiggly little bottom is absolutely priceless... I just can't get enough!

My little Lucy must have allergies- this has not yet been confirmed by the vet, but for the last several days, Lucy has been sneezing and has had a runny nose. Maybe she just has a cold- but let me tell you how darling those little puppy sneezes are. Our only concern is that the rain shower that accompanies those darling little sneezes is pretty substantial and we're going to require umbrellas and rain coats once she gets a little bit bigger! ....And the snores? Oh my gosh! What adorable little snores, I laughed the whole way to work one morning as Lucy happily snored, teeny, tiny little Boxer snores as I drove along! I would be extremely worried about the sneezing and the runny nose if she weren't acting like herself, however, she's in the back yard right now "sassin" at the German Shepherd, so it mustn't be anything too drastic!

Lucy knows she's a darling (I would like to thank all of my customers, friends and family who have oohed and aahed at my little puppy for instilling this very extreme level of self-confidence!), and when she darn well feels like it is more than happy to strike a pretty pose for her mom and the camera... However, when she doesn't feel like it, I can pretty much forget it about it.

In addition to house breaking and leash training, I have been making Lucy sit for everything. If she wants to go out or come in, SIT! If she wants a toy, SIT. If she wants a treat, SIT. If she wants out of her harness, and the car, SIT! She's learning very quickly that in order to get what she wants, her darling little bottom better be on the ground (and it's okay if it won't stop wiggling, just so it's touching the ground!). She is also learning when we tell her "down" that the right thing to do is, SIT. Liver treats are a must for training a puppy, she will do just about anything for a liver treat!

I have yet to decide if Lucy finds trouble, or if trouble finds Lucy. She's very curious, gets bored very easily, and always loves to explore. Yesterday, she decided that she was going to pick out her own toys, dragged the "toy bag" (which goes back and forth between work and home) out of my office, and proceeded to remove all of her toys. The she started chewing on the bag! No, Lucy! SIT! Good Lucy!

Relations between the "old dog" and the "new dog" are showing huge signs of improvement. Earlier this afternoon, Lucy and Ceasar took a break from play (or should I say that Lucy took a break from "sassin") and they both laid down underneath the oak tree for an afternoon siesta. Of course, there are still great moments of tension, and Lucy is still brilliant at getting Ceasar to snap at her, but it seems as she gets bigger, or maybe as they get used to one another, that things are definitely calmer between the two! Now if only Lucy could figure out that attempts at removing the ball from Ceasar's possession are a VERY BAD IDEA! Lucy LEAVE IT!

On a completely unrelated note, we had some excitemement at the house on Saturday evening. I returned home from work, tired, and having to pee in a very bad way! Grabbed the mail out of the mailbox, talking to Lucy about how I couldn't wait to get in the house, and pulled in the driveway. I hit the garage door opener and waited. Nothing! Hit it again. Still nothing. Decided to try the other door. Still nothing. As I have no key to the front door because the contractor has our only copy of our front door key, I was out of luck. Wearing heels, I traipsed around the side of the house with intentions of scaling the fence. Battled my way through rocks and thorns and realized that unless I suddenly developed super powers, and the fence suddenly wasn't completely deteriorated (and 6 feet high) that there was no way I was going over that fence.

I decided my only hope of getting across the fence was to borrow a ladder from the neighbors. Neighbor #1: NOT HOME! Neighbor #2, home and they've got a ladder- and a news bulletin that the power has been out for the last 4 hours! AGH- that's why my garage door opener isn't working. I made it over the fence, heels and all, and didn't even break anything (on my body or the fence!)... Note to self... a copy of the house key might be a good thing!

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