Sunday, May 30, 2010

We Think Summer Is Here...

Lucy is wild about her top hat! Granted, she's not usually spotted with it on her head, but I've been waiting for days to find that perfect little moment when she was calm enough to let me perch this hat on her sweet little head and snap a picture. I knew if I waited long enough that there would be success.

Actually, this is one of Lucy's favorite toys (at least for the moment- until we find something else that we just have to have for the boxer!). There are 3 rabbits inside of this hat, and Lucy loves working to get the rabbits out of the hat. Of course, I just stuff them right back in there and give it back to her!

My little pup just might be getting too big for the front seat. It was perfect when she was smaller, but now she seems to have a hard time snuggling in for the ride. Some days, she takes her copilot duties seriously, and will actually remain awake for the entire ride. But, most of the time, she takes the opportunity to konk out directly in the stream of the blasting air conditioning. This morning was no exception, after blessing her mother with tons of sweet little boxer kisses, posing for this picture, and settling in, Lucy was down for the count. She didn't wake up till I told her we were at the store.

Thankfully, morning and evening have been much cooler here than it has been during the day. It gives Lucy plenty of time to hang out in the yard, or on a shady step, chase her little pink football around the yard, or hop in the hot tub with Mommy & Daddy. Last night, Ceasar dropped his ball in the tub, and Lucy went in right after it. Luckily, her Daddy was right there to catch her, and she got to spend a couple of minutes doggy paddling between the two of us. I'm sure that some day, she'll be able to doggy paddle right across the hot tub. Both Rob and I have visions of Lucy hanging out in the hot tub with us!

Yesterday was pretty quiet at the store, and Lucy and I took the opportunity to take a walk by the stream, pick some daisies and chase some butterflies. Of course, it was entirely too hot to spend any amount of time out there, and flower picking and butterfly chasing only lasted about 5 minutes and was followed by a cold drink of water and a long nap with the AC blasting down on my little boxer. I feel guilty about dragging Lucy back into the store, she seems to just want to lay in the grass and chase after the ants, but her Mom thinks it's way too hot outside for those kinds of activities- especially in the sun...

Thursday night was our first night of Puppy Kindergarten. Somewhere along the way, the message that the 1st class was only for humans, got lost on Lucy's Human. Thankfully, the instructor was happy to have a demo puppy, and Lucy happily complied in turn for many, many treats. When she wasn't being used as a demo, Lucy laid quietly for an entire 40 minutes, stretched out on the floor- just waiting to be of service!

On our way to class, I stopped off at Arby's and grabbed a sandwich and 2 glasses of ice water. Lucy seemed hot and thirsty, so I immediately opened one of them and she went to work on the water and the ice. I placed mine in the cup holder directly behind hers, with the plastic lid on it, thinking I would get to it at a red light. My little pup had different ideas, and I didn't realize it until it was too late, but Lucy had been working on getting the plastic lid off of my water, and was happily lapping at the water before I even knew what was going on. I forget sometimes what a smart little dog I have for a copilot.

I am looking forward to next week when all of the other dogs are there! I think we're going to have a lot of fun and learn a lot. I hope Lucy loves it!

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