Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Lucy turned 3 months old on Sunday! She and I celebrated with a trip to Petco and of course a basket full of goodies (which she once again failed to pay for!). Lucy loves going to Petco, and loves the treats that we walk away with even more. She picked out this octopus, which we have not named yet, even though she already has one octopus. We're getting quite the artillary of toys, if this keeps up, we're going to need a huge toybox. Don't ever let my boxer try to convince you that she's not spoiled rotten. Variety is the spice of life, and my little one has it down pat.

We also had a nice suprise visit from Lucy's Grandparents and great-Grandparents on Sunday afternoon. Lucy had fun letting Grandma & Grandpa play with her toys, and showing off her "paw". Grandma thought the fact that Lucy likes to carry her own leash was very adorable- bad Grandma!! (I have to admit- it is very cute- it's just not the appropriate behavior- Lucy cannot walk herself, much to her disappointment!)

Monday morning, bright and early, Lucy and I jumped in the truck with Daddy to take a little road trip to Amish Country to pick up furniture. Lucy loved being in the truck in between Mommy & Daddy- I had her buckled in right in the middle. (This was the first time her Daddy has seen the "car gear", and he was very amused seeing how he's had a lot of dogs and has never fastened them in to take a ride- but then he's never tried to drive with a boxer puppy in the car loose either... I'm sure that if I had left her loose, he would have insisted she be buckled in about 5 minutes into the drive!)

I'm sure Lucy would say it was a great trip, she had 1/4 of a real beef hamburger for lunch and a tiny bite of ice cream for dessert. She's really living the life! I'm still very amused by all of the things that Lucy will eat- I do try to make sure that I'm not giving her fatty or spicy things, or any of the "no-no's" on the list. Saturday night for dinner, Lucy helped me eat a sweet potato. And earlier today, she played with an almond for 10 minutes before deeming it okay to eat.

Lucy's never seen a horse, and I had to hang on tight to keep her from exploring the big horse piles on the Amish Farm that we were on. She's pretty fearless, and I'm sure that if I didn't have a good grip, she would have marched right up to that horse and given it a nice Boxer kiss- which seconds later would have been followed by typical Lucy Sass.

Lucy made a new friend late Monday afternoon, which her mother was very excited about. This is Lucy and Bella once Lucy decided that she was going to play with her and not just tease her! (I was really hoping for a great shot of two puppies sitting pleasantly next to one another- but it didn't happen...)

Bella belongs to a member of the Oak Depot family and she's half beagle and half dalmation. That had a great romp around Daddy's store and didn't even knock anything over- but I could tell Daddy was getting a little nervous! I definitely want to get those two together to play again, they were both worn out when play time was over. Lucy slept the entire way home, and then tried to get a like performance out of Ceasar when we got home. That was a no go!

The last couple of days have been very hot, and I can tell the heat gets to my little boxer. I nearly froze to death last night in the car driving home- Lucy's preferred car tempreture is 59 degrees- she doesn't settle down till it feels like a meat locker in the car. (I'm gonna start carrying a coat!) She loves the AC, she sticks her head right in it, and you can tell she's just sucking it up. She got pretty restless last night around midnight, and didn't calm down till we got some water, went for a walk and turned on the ceiling fan. Rob & I nearly froze to death- but Lucy slept like a baby!

She hasn't been much in the mood for play today, and this afternoon after a walk and a little bit of playtime, she curled up next to me and fell asleep. She never does that. I'm sure that she'll be ready to rumble by the time we get home, it will be much cooler and the back yard will be nice and shady for her.

But for right now, my little boxer is in her playpen, snoring!

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