Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Definitely Lucy's Human...

I have anxiously awaited that big moment, and watched for signs that I could be sure that Lucy had decided I was definitely her human. For the last couple of weeks, I've noticed a huge increase in the amount of affection Lucy has been bestowing on her human, and she seems to be checking in with on a very regular basis. When we're playing, she'll try to put her entire body on my lap, and sometimes will even stop playing with the toy to give me a kiss. And the other night, when we were at the breeder's house, she seemed very protective of me when the other dogs were around- "Hey, that's my mom! Stop kissing my mom!" But I didn't feel 100% sure that we had that solid connection, until last night.

Rob was out of town, so last night at 9:00, I decided that I was going to curl up in bed with a book and just relax with my little boxer puppy. It was too cold and rainy to be outside playing with the kids, and I had been running around the house doing laundry, scrubbing floors (which is quite pointless when you've got 2 dogs, the entire yard is a big pit of mud and the kitchen floor is white!) and putting away dishes in addition to handling a plumbing issue at the rental property from the time I got home from work! (So glad that my work day ended at 6:00!) I felt frazzled and tired, and couldn't wait to chill out!

Lucy and I had a pretty good rumble on the living floor in between laundry and dishes with her soccer ball, and I knew that she would probably settle down with her evening knuckle bone. She seems to understand, most of the time, that once her little body is plopped down on that bed, it's time to be a calm girl!

Both dogs followed me upstairs, and I plopped Lucy down on the bed (She still can't jump up there!). She happily accepted her bone, and drug it to the foot of the bed, like she does most nights. She chewed for about 5 minutes before looking back to see what mom was doing.

Then she did something she's never done. She dragged the bone to the head of the bed, got her sweet little boxer body as close to mine as she possibly could, gave me a kiss, and started chewing on her bone again! I was so happy to the have the little one right next to me and pleased that she had chosen to be that close to me. Every so often, Lucy would look at me as if to say "hello" and make sure that I was still there, and I would stop reading for a moment and pet her sweet little head.

The real defining moment came when I told Lucy "Lights Out", and snuggled down into bed. In the 5 weeks that she's been with us, she hasn't really been much of a snuggler. But, last night, my little boxer put her precious little head right on my neck and proceeded to fall asleep. I was so happy to have that soft little head right next to me, that I couldn't even move her when she began snoring quite loudly!

And it was that very moment when I figured out that Lucy had decided I was her human! This morning when I opened my eyes, my first site was my boxer. At some point during the night, Lucy had shifted and her head was on the pillow right next to mine! "Good Boxer!" My little pup definitely knew I was pleased with her choice of sleeping spots.

In the spirit of my being Lucy's Human, this morning, Lucy took it upon herself to clean up all of the crumbs on the pantry floor. That kept her busy for about 5 minutes, she got tons of crumbs, stale nuts, and maybe a chip or two and I got a good chuckle out of the whole thing in addition to a clean pantry floor. Lucy, you're a good little helper!

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