Monday, May 24, 2010

Lucy's Take... Mom, I Don't Have Enough Toys

Mom and I have been pretty busy, and she's always coming up with new things to entertain me. Today is our day off, and it's so pretty outside-hardly any clouds in the sky and the sun is really shining. It's a little hot for me, but that's okay because Mom keeps coming outside and turning on the hose. I love to play in running water, and I feel so much better by the time she turns off the house. I don't mind getting wet, sometimes though, I don't like to stay that way. Mommy & the contractor stood on the deck a little while ago just watching me play in the water. I'm so glad to be able to provide the humans with entertainment, they must be pretty bored! Appearantly they've never seen a boxer play in water before, because they seemed pretty fascinated, Mommy couldn't stop laughing and Don, the contractor who loves to play with me said he wished he could be that entertained by water!

I got a little antsy at work yesterday and started whining a little bit. Mommy didn't think my whining was appropriate and kept giving me things to play with and chew on. But, I was still bored, sometimes I wish we could just go outside and lay in the grass. I think Mommy couldn't figure out how I could possibly be bored, because she dragged all of my toys out on the floor, looked at me and said " There is no way you can be bored!" I guess she was right, I do have a lot of toys. That whole exercise was kinda silly, Mommy just had to clean all those toys back up before we left for the day.

Just the other day a big box came from Amazon for me! Yep, all for me! There wasn't even a book in there for Mom! That nice UPS guy brought me a really cool toy. It's a top hat with 3 little rabbits inside! Mommy thinks it's pretty cute and keeps telling me to " Get the Wabbit, Lucy!" Every time I get them all out though, Mommy stuffs em' back in and tells me again to "Get the Wabbit, Lucy". Sometimes I think my human might be a little goofy! I can't figure out why she makes me get the rabbits out if she's just going to stuff them back in the hat. Maybe someday I'll figure out why she does that.

Friday night and last night after work, Mommy and I went to the dog park. It's not that far from work, so I don't know why we don't just go there instead every day. Mommy seemed a little nervous about letting me loose in the play yard with all of the big dogs, but I was soooo excited!! I couldn't make my butt stop wagging. That's probably why Mommy calls me "Wiggle Butt" all the time. I'm so glad she didn't try to make me play in the puppy yard, those little dogs didn't look like too much fun. I've made lots of new friends. Last night, I met a Great Dane- he was enormous, and the look on Mommy's face when I marched right up to him and attempted to kiss him was pretty funny. I'm still kinda little though, so I couldn't reach. I hope I don't get that big or Mommy is gonna have to get a new car and somehow, I don't think Daddy will be too happy about that.

On Friday night, there was another boxer there. His name was Dutch and he's about a year old. He and I had a lot of fun together, and I was hoping to see him yesterday. But, he must have been busy. That's okay, my friend Molly was there. She's bigger than I am, but it's okay, cause she's still a puppy and I have a lot of fun with her. Molly is a very energetic golden retriever, and even though she looks different than me, she can be my friend.

It was really hot out, so we didn't stay very long yesterday! I was tired and very hot by the time we got to the car. Mommy turned the AC on high, and I slept the whole way home! I can't wait to go back to the dog park.... Can we go now, Mom? Those floors you're cleaning are just gonna get dirty again when Daddy comes home and cuts the grass...

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