Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lucy's Take... A Trip To The Old Homestead

Yesterday, I spent the entire day playing in the yard with my brother, Ceasar. I was pretty tired by mid-afternoon, so I was pretty happy when mom called me into the house. I curled up right on the living room floor and headed off to dreamland.

A short while later, Mom woke me up from my nap and told me she had a surprise for me! "Oh boy, where is she taking me, now?" I thought. I wasn't real sure I wanted to go, but Mom persisted and she stood patiently waiting for me with a big smile on her face, in the kitchen, my leash in her hand. I couldn't figure out what Mom was up to, but she kept telling me I was gonna like it, and when she told me to "Lucy, Come!" I didn't want to dissapoint her, so off I went! The entire ride in the car, Mom kept saying how excited I was going to be. I tried to watch where we were going to see if I could figure it out, but Mom has a tendancy to take bends a little fast, and I kept tipping over. I sure wish my mom would learn how to drive so that I didn't tip over!

It was a short ride, and before I knew it, we were pulling in the driveway of Grandma & Grandpa's house! Wooh boy! I couldn't wait to see everyone, my little butt started wiggling, and I couldn't get out of the car fast enough! Both Grandma & Grandpa were very excited to see me! "Wooh- who's that? Is that my brother? Oh goody! Someone to play with me! Thanks Mom!" Tank seemed pretty happy to see me, I ran from him at first, I just wasn't sure, I haven't seen him in weeks. But, then I got over my shyness, and let him give me a proper boxer greeting.

We played for a long time! A couple of times, we got a little carried away, and Mom grabbed me and Grandma grabbed Tank and made us calm down. After a couple of minutes, they would put us back down again and let us rumble! I could have done that all night! It's so good to see my brother, even though he's bigger than I am! Nobody plays like a boxer!

Grandpa thought Tank was getting a little carried away, so he put him inside to chill out a little bit! It was okay, I'm a tough girl and Mommy didn't seem to mind. I could've taken it! He brought my Aunt Chloe out to play with me! I was pretty happy to see her, even though I thought she gave my mom too many kisses. I kept trying to butt in, but Aunt Chloe was very happy to see my mom, and she just wouldn't stop kissing her! She got so excited she even knocked an earring out of mom's ear and mom landed on the ground! I sure hope mom is gonna be able to get all of that slobber off her face when we get home! I will probably have to help her.

Mom really loves Aunt Chloe, her face lit up when Chloe came out to play, and she and Grandma kept saying how I'm gonna look just like her when I get older! That's cool, Aunt Chloe is such a pretty girl. I'm probably gonna be bigger than Aunt Chloe because my mom and dad are so big, but I'll still wanna play with Aunt Chloe. Mom said Aunt Chloe can come visit our house! That would be fun!

The pampas grass at Grandma & Grandpa's house looks different than Mom & Dad's. Wonder why? It's okay, I still had fun with Aunt Chloe playing in it, even if it is different. I even got to help Tank and Aunt Chloe clean up Grandpa's dinner plate. I'm sure Grandma appreciated not having to wash that dish. I always try to help the humans out- they seem like they have a lot to do, and all I have to do is sleep, play and eat.

Mom said in the car on the way home that she thinks we're gonna need another Boxer! Boy do I love that idea, but Dad and Ceasar aren't gonna be too happy about it. I wonder if she'll let me pick out my new brother or sister? Can we go take care of that tomorrow, Mom?

When we got home, Mom looked at my green paws and said I had to go straight in the tub. She really scrubbed my paws, and when I came out, I was all pretty and my paws were white again. I was kinda cold, and Mom did a very good job of drying me off! But, boy was I tired. I didn't even feel like chewing on my knuckle bone like I usually do before bed! I went straight to sleep. Mom chuckled over my little snores, she doesn't know how tired I was! But, I sure had a grand time. Wonder when we're going back?

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