Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Important Lessons From My Boxer Baby!

This morning, I was sitting on our deck enjoying the sunshine and warm air sipping a cup of coffee. We had just spent about an hour in the hot tub, and when I say we, I mean myself, Rob and of course, Little Lucy. I couldn't help but think to myself what a beautiful day it was, and how lucky I am. We have a big beautiful yard, with a sweet, boxer puppy asleep at my feet basking in the sunshine! Looking at Lucy, I realized that my little pup has figured out in 3 short months many things that some humans never get in a whole lifetime! If only everyone could observe and learn from thier darling little pups, the world would be a much better place!

Greens are a very important part of life! It's not only important to eat enough greens, but we need green around us for essential oxygens! Not only that, but they sure do make things pretty. Lucy loves the grass, plants and trees in our yard and always takes time out of her busy little schedule to appreciate all of the beauty around her. This morning, immediately upon arriving at the store, Lucy lingered to check out the beautiful pink blossoms all around the door. Of course, when she lingered, I lingered and couldn't help but enjoy the sweet smelling fragrance of those flowers. Thanks for making me stop, Lucy! "Good Lucy!"

Important Lessons Number One and Two: Always eat your vegetables and take the time to enjoy all of the beautiful things around you! "Good Girl, Lucy!"

I have spent countless hours researching dog toys in attempt to give Lucy toys that are not only safe and durable, but also that will challenge and entertain her! However, give my little boxer a water bottle, and you and she both will have about a half hour of sheer pleasure! Lucy will chase, chew and tease a plastic water bottle for as long as you will let her. This little boxer becomes a gymnast whenever there's a water bottle around, I couldn't believe watching her last night the way she would flip right over the bottle in attempt to retrieve it. There is nothing ordinary about Lucy's retrieval process!

Monday on a break from working, and playing in the yard, I filled a water bottle with ice cold water and ice cubes and rolled it to Lucy. At first, she wasn't quite sure- it was really cold. But eventually, I think she loved that the bottle was cold, and the sounds that the ice made rattling around was music to her ears. I think she would have shed big boxer tears if I had made any attempt at removing that water bottle from her posession.

Important Lessons Number Three and Four: The best things in life are free and sometimes it's the little things that bring the most joy! "Good Girl, Lucy!"

When this new toy arrived, Lucy looked rather puzzled- she cocked her pretty little head, sat down, and looked at me. I wonder what was going through that little puppy mind of hers? After discovering the puppy made very funny squeaky noises, Lucy warmed up to the puppy and quickly began a very wild, noisy romp with her new friend! My little one is good at making new friends- she's also figured out that even though it's more fun to play rough- everybody needs to cuddle now and then, and this little stuffed pup got lucky with my boxer this morning. This toy is actually a great snuggle buddy.

Important Lessons Number Five and Six: It's important to make new friends and there's a time for play, and there is a time to chill out. "Good Girl, Lucy!"

With it being so hot the last couple of days, I have been very concerned that Lucy might be overheating. (I am probably worrying too much, but it's better to be a bit on the cautious side, in my opinion.) Thankfully, my little pup absolutely adores the hose and the water billowing out of it. Our faucet makes a huge noise when you turn it, and the second Lucy hears that squeak, she's right there and ready to play in the water.

Lucy has no fears or qualms about water- she'll stick her head right in the water stream, and if she doesn't get her entire body wet, she'll let her Mom hose her down.

On Monday, Lucy's Daddy installed the new hose hanger on the side of the house. Now, the hose hangs and when it gets turned on, Lucy can really make sure that the water gets proper attention. She has figured out that she can paw at it, and the water will move around.

Important Lessons Number Seven and Eight: It is very important to drink plenty of water and stay very hydrated when it's hot outside and sometimes it's okay to just stick your whole head right in! "Good Girl, Lucy!"

Lucy absolutely loves the steps leading into the house. In the morning, if she curls up on the top step, she can catch some shade. She spends a lot of time sleeping there, although sadly, I'm not sure she's gonna fit on these steps much longer! She is already to big to curl up like she used to, and I'm afraid those steps aren't going to be long enough soon!

Important Lesson Number Nine: It's always a good idea to have a place to go where you can just relax and hang out! "Good Girl, Lucy!"

Before the installation of the hose hanger on Monday, the hose was always draped across the deck, tangled and completely unruly (en route to the hot tub). Lucy seemed to love to "protect" the hose- or maybe she was waiting for the water... I'll never know. All I know is that I've walked out on the deck several times and found my little boxer sprawled across a non-running hose.

Important Lesson Number Ten: Always protect and appreciate the things that mean the most to you and bring you the most happiness. "Good Girl, Lucy!"

My basset hound always loved looking out our front windows (as evidenced by the scratches on the window sill), but I've never seen Lucy do it until last night. (Her Daddy is going to have a bird! We're definitely going to have to break this bad habit... She'll be able to see out that window soon enough without standing up!) I suspect she might have been looking for her boxer buddy, Layla, whose yard is directly to the right of this window. But, again, I'll never know! (Check out all of the wonderful puppy wrinkles draping down to her adorable little wiggle butt! Gotta love it!)

Important Lesson Number Eleven: It's a good idea to be aware of what's going on around you... Otherwise you might miss out on something big! "Good Girl, Lucy!"

Lucy's been very tired and very cuddly the last couple of days; she's sleeping a lot too! She's sneezing again, and this morning, I noticed that she seems stuffy headed! After our little walk in the pretty smelling flowers, she curled up and decided to take a nap! She's out there right now, snoring like a champ!

This is one of Lucy's new toys: this little platapus has eggs inside of it. I still can't get Lucy interested in removing the egss even though they squeak and I've pulled them out of there 10 times to show her. She loves taking the rabbits out of the hat, but is not so interested in taking the eggs from the platapus. She will play with the toy though, maybe she's just not old enough for the "interactive" toys.

Lucy is always close by when I'm in the kitchen. If I'm cooking or grilling, you don't have to look hard for her. I love turning around and seeing that sweet little pup waiting patiently for a goody to drop!

Important Lesson Number Twelve: When all else fails, smile and look adorable! "Good Girl, Lucy!"

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