Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lucy's Take... We've Got Awards

Our friends at wyldechylde and Scratch My Belly gaves us dis award for beins da most "Versatile Blogger". Hey, Ma- what does dat mean? In da meantime, I'm gonna fulfills our obligation in receivin dis award.

Da rules are:

1. Tanks da person or persons dat gaves you da award! Tanks guys! My hooman and I really appreciates dis! We're so excited!! My whole body is wigglin I's so happy!

2. Shares 7 tings about yourself... (I'll gets to dat in a minute!)

3. Pass da award on to 15 other bloggers. I'll do mys best, but dis is really my hoomans department!
Puglette Ponders, Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey, 365 Days of Puppy In Pictures, Therapy Failed, Life With 5 Dogs, BCxFour, What Holly Has Seen, Dear Humane Society Dog Blog, Bocci's Beefs, Angel Pups Creations, Polly's Path, Sprollies are for Sharing, Thoughts From a Yodeling Goat Herder, Tales and Tails, and finally, Tiny Little Dog Blog! Boys was dat hard work! Please forgives me if I forgots some of my friends! I luvs you all, and it's hard works to just pick 15...

4. Contact da bloggers and let dem know about da award. Boy dis is really gonna test my pooter skills.

Otay, here are my 7 tings.
1. Whenever my hooman drops sometin she says "ugh oh". And it's funny, so I wiggles a whole bunch and gives her kisses to makes her feel better about droppins things. I don'ts want her to feel bad!

2. I haves lots of nicknames. Sometimes day call me Lu Lou, sometimes day call me Miss Bugga Boo, and sometimes when I's layin upside down, day call me da little Gremlin.

3. My favorite place to hides is in da closet. My hoomans clothes are all over da floor in der and it's a great place to hides!

4. I luvs to steel plastic hangers and runs from my hooman. She chases me all over da house to get da hangers back.

5. Sometimes, I prefers to sleep on da floor. But, now dat I can gets in da bed bys myself, I can jumps up der in da middle of da night and snuggle in wit da hoomans.

6. I luvs cheese. Longhorn Colby is both my and my hoomans favorite kind.

7. I's afraid of the vacuum, but I don'ts want my hoomans to tink I'm chicken, so I bark and growl and acts like I'm tough!


  1. I thought your humans were back from Aruba already? Anyways, congrats on the well deserved award. It's so well deserved that you got it twice!

  2. Loosie Looz-
    thankz you, couzin!
    Did you come by and see da troublez I gotz into, I meanz, the catz got into last week?
    Smoochez, Bird

  3. Hey Lucy, have you learned the art of projecting guilt upon your humans? I would highly recommend doing so if you have not. This is a wonderful tactic that is most effective for a number of things. Like going for a walk when you want to, being included on car rides, being treated to the little extras from your humans dinner plates, and for the greatest impact, use it when you don't want to be left alone. Don't thank me, it's all in a days work. Your friend, Dusty (Keri's Wheaten Terrier-ist)

  4. Da hoomans are back from Aruba! It would appear dat I messed up n dis post was sposed to be published while day were gone! I'ves fixed it now though!

    I's is very good at makin my hooman feel guilty- but truths be told, I'm really a spoiled little boxer! My hooman tells me she loves me at least 10 times a day, n she's always given me treats. Last night, she mades a pizza and shared it wit me. Don't tell the puppy police- but I's even had a slice of pepperoni! Yum, yum!

    Lucy Lou

  5. Congradulations on your award. Keep on wiggling about it cause it's great. I'm glad you stand up to the vacuum monster, they can be scary, but you a tough girl. You can take it!

  6. Congrats on your bloggy award! We love cheese, too! Any kind will do :)
    The Road Dogs