How We Became Duke's Humans

From the time that Lucy was 6 months old, I knew that she needed another boxer companion. I have so many wonderful memories of Lucy's puppy days, but knew that I probably wasn't ready to do the puppy thing again.

I've got a very soft heart, especially when it comes to animals. I kept reading and hearing about all of the wonderful boxers that didn't have forever homes, and knew in my heart that we needed to step up and give one of these wonderful guys a home.

Several months ago, I mentioned in one of my posts on the Boxer Mailing List that I wanted a "brudder" for Lucy. Almost immediately, I had an email from a fellow list member that volunteers for Go Boxer Rescue in Dayton, Ohio. While, I badly wanted another boxer, we were in the midst of several different things, including purchasing our home in Florida. The timing didn't seem fair to our potential new family member.

But, GO Boxer Rescue kept in touch with me, and let me know that when the timing was right on our end that they would work with me to help find the perfect "brudder" for Lucy! Back at the beginning of February, another email arrived and at this point I was thinking, "Let's go for it."

From the moment that I saw Duke's sweet face, I just couldn't stop thinking about him. I was dying to meet him, and after talking with his foster mom- I was pretty sure that he was going to be a good mate for Lucy and be happy in our home. From the time of that original email to the time that Lucy and I went to bring Duke home, it was about 6 weeks. I can't say that I didn't sleep a wink, but pretty close to it. I just couldn't stop thinking about him!

The day that Lucy and I brought him home was an awesome one! Of course, both Lucy and I just fell in love with Duke when we met him, and it was pretty clear from the early minutes of the meeting that we were going to be driving away with Duke!

Duke has clearly earned a big place in our family.  He's my protector and constant companion, I never have to look for my dear boy, he's usually right beside me.  And he and Lucy were certainly meant to be brother and sister.  They are so happy together- and it makes me so happy to see the two of them snuggled up together.

My sweet rescue boy has brought so much joy and happiness to my life!  I am thankful every day that we found him and were able to offer him a place in our family.