Friday, January 11, 2013

Duke's Take... Happy New Year

Hello, friends! It's me Duke. I know it's been a long time, but I'm sure you're all going to understand. I am living in a house with not one, but two women with some male company from my Dad every couple of weeks. I'm sure you'll understand that I have my hands full with these two.

 Lucy's a handful all by herself. She doesn't get into nearly as much trouble as she used to, but I still have to let her think she's in charge- because when she gets mad about something, she sasses so much that both Mom and I end up with a headache... And speaking of Mom... Well, she's blonde, and she's tired, and I really have to keep an eye on her. She says she doesn't know what she would do without me, I guess that means that I'm doing a good job!
Mom says that with our crazy busy schedules, that comic relief and laughter are very important. So, I am often challenged to do my best to make Ma laugh.  Both Lucy and I do our very best to keep the human smiling, it can be tough at times and we both have to make sacrifices...

 One night she came home with a can of whipped cream! I have to admit that was a lot of fun! I will make whatever sacrifices are necessary to help my human out!

I actually noticed when she opened the fridge this morning that there is still a can of whipped cream in there, and I couldn't help but wonder when we were going to get a chance to make her laugh again?  Maybe we can all do that again tonight.
My human loves to bake and cook. She didn't get a ton of it done for the holidays like she was hoping, and as hard as Lucy and I tried, we couldn't get her to let us do it on our own.

 Of course, we found a way to participate. Not only did we taste test everything that she needed tasted, but we cleaned crumbs up off the floor, and I stood guard over the cookies when they came out of the oven. Just to make sure that none of them got away, you know how tricky cookies can be!

Friends, make sure your humans know how willing you are to be a cookie guard, it's a great job, and us canines are very skilled at it.  We are very protective of the cookie!  Especially when they're peanut butter cookies.

My mom said to make sure you know that while we did get to taste test the cookies, we weren't allowed to have any of those kiss things that were on top of them!

I may grumble a little about keeping these girls in line and how hard it is to live with 2 women, but I really do love them both! And I know they both love me a bunch! I guess I should feel lucky to be living with two girls who adore me so much! They're both always snuggling up with me... see there I go again taking care of the girls! They've gotta have some place soft and warm to rest their heads!