Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Only In-destructable Toy We've Found

Thank you all for your sweet comments about Lucy and Duke's wild romp around the house. I'm so glad you all got a kick out of my children's antics.

You asked about the bright blue object that was so fascinating to my boxers. It's a "HURLEY" These very in-destructable dog toys are made by a company called West Paw Design. We've got 3 of them, and let me tell you they definitely stand up to a lot of abuse! They're even guaranteed against dog damage. Ours have been around for about a year and a half and look just like they did the day they arrived at our home! And let me tell you, that's saying a lot in our house. Lucy and Duke are not easy on toys.

These bright colored toys are not only durable, but they're extremely easy to find because of their bright coloring. (so even when Lucy drags one of these out into the jungle that's our back yard, her mama is able to locate it, unlike some other toys that have gone into the jungle never to return!) And that's a good thing, because my kids love this toy!

So, yup- my boxer kids give this toy 8 paws up, and they'll do just about anything to get their mouths around a "Hurley"... Including striking their best pose for the camera so that their human can blog about it! (This was a perfect shot... I guess I should mention that I was holding food in my hand to get it!)

Have a great weekend everyone! We'll see you all soon!

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Battle of Wills

Lucy and Duke had a particularly silly playtime the other day! I got some really good pictures of their little game... I hope you enjoy watching their antics as much as I do!

"Let's play, Duke! Come n get it!"

"Oh, I'm gonna gets dat toy from you, Lucy!"

"My mouths a lot bigger dan yours, Lucy!"

"Are yous ready to give it up yet? I's got nothing but time..."

Monday, June 20, 2011

Time To Get Wet... Or not...

If Lucy could talk, she would probably tell you that one of her favorite things (if not her favorite thing) about summer is being able to play in the water from the garden hose.

Lucy can be at the very bottom of the yard when I turn on the house, and she'll be there in a flash!

I'm pretty sure that deep down Lucy believes that the sole purpose of the hose is to provide her with entertainment! I don't know about that, but she always provides me with plenty of entertainment when I turn on that hose! She has no problem sticking her whole head right in the stream of the running water.

Duke on the other hand, is not sure about getting wet. But, with a little bit of coaxing from his little sister, he decided he would give it a try.

Of course, she had to show him how it was done first, and then stand there on the side lines making sure that he did it right.

It was funny how Duke struggled to get to the water, but clearly didn't want any of it getting on his face. I could tell he was taking great measures to make sure that his whole entire face didn't get wet. And Lucy was completely confused, clearly she thought he was missing out on the best part of the whole hose game.

It's just incredible how different my two boxer kids are, but how well they get along with one another.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Things You Bring Home From Florida

Lucy came home from Florida scratching at her ear, and when I lifted it up and looked in there, I knew we were going to be heading to the vet. Sure enough, Lucy had a yeast infection in her ear, and after much wiggling and being muzzled, the vet had filled Lucy's poor little ear with medication.

Duke didn't make the trip to the vet with us, and he knew immediately when we got home that his little sister had been traumatized. So, he stepped up to the plate and gave her tons of kisses and let her use him as a pillow!

Lucy also had a urinary tract infection, so we came home with antibiotics for that as well. I'm not so sure that they agree with Lucy because she's been pretty calm the last several days. Of course, that could have just been that she wasn't feeling well. She went to work 3 days with me this week, and pretty much just laid around. One night, on the way home, she decided she wasn't close enough to me and snuggled up on my lap for the remainder of the drive home. It's not easy to drive with a 55 pound boxer on your lap when you've got to shift!

Thankfully, her ear is no longer red and she seems to be returning to her silly little self!

Duke's been just laying back and taking it all in! Thankfully, he didn't come home from Florida with an ear infection too! I'm not sure I could handle two big, sick babies at the same time.

Duke always seems to have at least one eye on Lucy, sometimes I think that he's making sure that she's okay, other times I'm pretty sure he's just making sure he doesn't need to step in and tell her to "BEHAVE!" He takes being a big brother very seriously!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What To Do On A Chilly Tuesday Morning

"Hey, Duke, whatcha think we oughtsa do today? Waits right here... I's gots an idea."

"We's can play wits dis silly green ball!"

"Sounds like funs to me, Lucy! Lemme have it!"

"Okays, yous can have it's for now, buts I's is gonna gets it back... Just gotta figure out da best approach!"

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Here We are....

We have just returned home from another trip to Florida. This was Duke's first long road trip, and his very first introduction to the Florida house! Seeing as how we'd never made the trip with two dogs in the car, I was a little nervous about how they would do. I shouldn't have been nervous, they were great!

When I got to the airport in Orlando, I was already missing my boxers who were returning home with their Daddy while I was flying home. I found a card with two boxers on it, and couldn't help but think that if Lucy and Duke had been puppies at the same time, this is exactly what they would have looked like. What do you think? The only difference is probably that Lucy would have been on top! Of course, I bought the card and have plans to frame it!

"I'm A Chillen'..."

Duke is very good at just hanging out, especially in this heat! One of his favorite places to crash is right in the middle of our kitchen floor... Wonder why that is? It's not real hard to figure out! Duke loves to eat, and Duke is always hungry!

He also has the most serious boxer face that I've ever seen! He always looks like he's trying to solve a really big problem! I think he needs some reading glasses and a cigar to complete his "Einstein" look!

Boxers are very kissy dogs- heck, most mornings before I leave the house, Lucy manages to kiss all of my makeup off of my face! Duke is a cuddler, but he's not a kisser. And in the 3 months that he's lived with us, he hasn't given his mother a single kiss... Until this past Friday that is! I guess maybe he was just undecided about whether or not he liked his mother enough to give her a kiss, or maybe he was just being his usual polite self, and thought that he didn't know me well enough to kiss me!

Lucy is her usual self, and up to all of her usual antics and then some. She's so good at making her mama laugh on a very regular basis!

Her latest... One morning last week, I started running water in the bath tub and walked away to make the bed. When I walked back into the bathroom, Lucy was soaking in my bath water having a grand old time!

She just adores her new "brudder" and makes sure that he gets more than enough of her attention. Most days, I'm pretty sure that Duke is just humoring her, because he seems like he would be more than content to take a long nap under a ceiling fan, but he'll chase her and a toy around the house for hours.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The True Nature Of A Boxer....

This picture says it all... The boxer... The Great Protector!

Sorry that Lucy, Duke and I have been missing! I can't believe it's been a month since I've blogged! What's the matter with me? It just seems like there are not enough hours in the day, and to tell the truth, it's much harder to catch two boxers sitting still than it is to catch one!

I promise to get pictures of my snuggle bugs up here really soon... And hopefully get back to being a "good" blogger!