Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lucy's Take... My Hooman is a Handful!

I's tried so hard to make a post on Friday, and it's wouldn't let me! I wanted to tells you all abouts da adventures my hooman n I have beens havin. My hoomans complains about me gettin into all kinds of trouble, well let me tells you, she's been a handful lately!

On Thursday mornin, as my hooman was gettin out of Daddy's truck, she fell n twisted her ankle. She lets out a big yell, and it's took her a long time to gets up. I couldn't helps her cause I was in my safety belt. Whens she came around da trucks to get me out, she was walkin real funny! N she's been walkin really funny ever since. She's got dis ugly black thing around her ankle now, n last night she hads ice on it and she was kinda upset. She tolds me dat she went to da doctor n they took sometin she called an x-ray. Her poor ankle is sprained! Wonders how long dats gonna last? I hopes not long, cause she can't play with me very well!

I's had fun watchin over Mommy on Thursday as she hobbled around da store. I evens found a new cool place to hang out. I curled ups right under her desk so I could keep a close eye on dat ankle of hers and makes sure it didn't give her any more problems. I feels so bad for my hooman. Maybe I should makes her go to see Dr. Mary- dat's where I goes when I's injured, and she always fixes me right up and makes me feel all better!

On Friday mornin, we hads to get up really early. It was so early, dat it was still dark outs when we left da house. And we drove an drove, an drove and it's was still dark out. Mommy wasn't in a good mood, she was still drivin Daddy's truck which has something she calls a clutch, I tink it hurt her ankle real bad, cause she was really cranky. We picked ups some furniture, n she gots back in da truck, and drove and drove some more. By da time we gots to da store, she wasn't lookin so good! I was a little bits concerned abouts her. She just wasn't walkins right! I spent da day, hangin outs wit her at Daddy's store and trieds real hard to be good! I watched tv (dat's me watchin tv in da picture up at da top!), ate cheese and popcorn, played wit some leaves and all da other tings on da floor, and den we finally gots to go home.

My hooman says it's important to always find the silver lining in every cloud. I'm not all dat sure what dat means, but on Thursday evening, she lefts me at dat store, and when she came back to get me, she was drivin a shiny white new car, and she was grinning real big! I walked alls around it and she's said to me, "I may have a sprained ankle, Lucy, but at least we've got a new car, and that's the silver lining in this situation, little one!"

I's is guessin dis is really my car, cause look at the plate. It says "Boxer Mobile!" I sure's am spoiled, my new cars is real purty! I wonders if she'll let me drives? I'm guessin probably not...


  1. That does look like a pretty car! I'm guessing no clutch either!

  2. Cute! Sorry about the ankle! I've been gone from your posts for a while, but I'm glad to be back! Lucy, you take good care of your human!

  3. Lucy Lou!

    I has missed you girlfuriend. SO sorry 'bouts your mom's ankle, I hopes it gets better soon.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Blogger has been givin' my mom all sorts of trouble lately...grrr

  4. I want a brand new BMW! It's on my bucket list and everything. Pretty sure it's not gonna ever happen though, especially if my financial situation doesn't improve in the very near future.

    Hope your hooman's ankle gets to feeling better really soonish-like. That sounds awfully painful! I know you're taking excellent care of her.

  5. Nice car!! Soxy is totally jealous.

    I hope your human's ankle feels better really soon! Give her hugs from me and kisses from Soxy.