Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lucy's Better Than ADT

Last night, my fiance said to me "Why doesn't Lucy bark when someone comes to the door?" I told him that I didn't know the answer to that question, but I do know that when we were at my mom's house the other night and the doorbell rang, she went crazy. But, we don't have a doorbell, and appearantly the sound of someone knocking on our front door doesn't alarm little Lucy like a doorbell does.

He then asked me if the 5 dogs at the breeders house went nuts when someone came to the door. I had to chuckle remembering the night that I went to the breeders house to meet the litter. When I got out of the car and started walking to the door, all I could hear was barking- and there were 4 very large, amazingly beautiful, but loud boxers right in the front window. I had doubts about going to the door, and decided to walk around the house and see if perhaps there was another door- I was fearing for my limbs at that point.

After a couple minutes of talking about this topic, Rob decided that Lucy must just be too young to be an alarm system. And we dropped the subject and fell off to sleep.

An hour later, I heard noises in our driveway and immediately became alarmed. Just as I was getting out of bed to look out the window, I heard a key in our front door, and so did Lucy! She jumped right up and started barking, howling and making a growling noise that was a great effort for an 8 month old puppy! Good Lucy!! Of course, she's still little and her bark isn't the fiercest in the world, but I'll tell ya what, if it had been me attempting to open that front door, I think I would have gone back to my car, but it was just my future father in law coming to visit... At 12:00 AM...

And people wonder why I don't display great amounts of sanity? What person in their right mind pays a visit at 12 AM?


  1. That's hilarious! I don't know what my dog would do if someone tried to break in. She's not a barker at all.

  2. Our 4 dogs are VICIOUS when it comes to knocking on the door. All of my dogs but especially Calhoun, my male boxer, protect their Momma with serious fierceness. And yes, I too would run away if I heard such a commotion on the other side of the door!!

  3. The full grown boxers sound amazingly frightening on the other side of a door. I'm sure Lucy will sound that way when she gets bigger!

  4. Lola is not a barker, but I know she would protect me if the time came. Looks like Lucy is the same way.

  5. Mom always let me bark a few extra times when Dad's not home. Just always says, "Just in case!"

  6. I am not a barker either...but I do go to da door to see who it is. :)

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. I'm pretty sure that Lucy's more interested in kissing an intruder than attacking them! Probably just like you- Maggie Mae!

  8. Mommy always says that I would be licking the robbers and welcoming them into our house...Daddy disagrees...this is a continuing topic at my house. I do have my own security sign-so that must mean something! Good job protecting your parents Lucy :)

  9. Hello Marianne! I'm sorry that I've missed your last few posts, I'll have to catch up after I'm done rambling here! :-)) But your post reminded me of one of my friends who has a boxer named Jake--He's a real pussycat and harmless, but she's single and whenever anyone comes to the door that she doesn't know, she holds Jake by the collar and says "easy boy..." He just stands there--I think boxers just have that presence and like Jake, I'm sure that Lucy at some point will be pretty beleivable, even if she's a real cream puff! :-))

    I hope your "late night visitor" came bearing gifts at that hour! ;-)

  10. My little chi Chico is a barker, my larger one isn't so much but once he hears Chico barking, he joins in. If someone were to hear but not see them, they might (MIGHT) think they're vicious. If they were to see my little ones though, they'd surely change their minds pretty quickly. As long as you give Chico a pet or two, you're in with him - that's alls it takes. Shiver is shyer and it takes a little longer with him.

    I have a friend like your future father in law. She thinks nothing of calling or stopping by at all hours of the day or night. She thinks if she's up, you should be too.

  11. Dad says the same too! I'm better than ADT 'cause us boxers are protective dogs and loyal to our family. We bark to alert the pack of intruders. Sometimes I alert too much.


  12. Wait you never told us who came visiting!! Oh soon enough Lucy will have the barking down pat and you'll be posting how you taught her "no bark" out of desperation lol