Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Today, "Lucy's Human" is being featured on a "virtual travel blog" called "Blog-trotting." My assignment is to take you on a whirlwind tour of this great city that I call home!... Welcome To Pittsburgh!

Today I'll share with you a couple of my favorite things about Pittsburgh, and of course I'll show you the things that Pittsburgh is most famous for!

Pittsburgh is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers; 6 time Superbowl Champions. Pittsburgh is a city crazy about it's football. If you've never visited Pittsburgh during football season, proceed with caution. Pittsburgh is typically adorned in black and gold from August till January. When our boys are out on that field playing a game there is nothing else going on. And when things are looking good in terms of playoffs- it's not unusual to hear the chant "Pittsburgh's goin to the Superbowl" around the city.

Pittsburgh is also home to the "Pirates" baseball team and the very popular "Penguins" hockey team!

Seasons in Pittsburgh are amazing! Unlike my home of 5 years, San Diego, Pittsburgh offers 4 very unique and distinct seasons. Fall is my favorite, and there are tons of scenic drives around our city that will offer a great view of the beautiful fall foliage. Be prepared to have your breath taken away by the magnificent red, orange, and yellow leaves that color our beautiful city's hillsides, especially as you drive North of the city towards Erie and have your camera ready, this is something you're going to want to remember! offers a wonderful list of all of the scenic drives that you can take through Western Pennsylvania. We've even got a "covered bridge scenic byway!"

Pittsburgh offers a wide variety of delicious things to eat, but our city is most famous for the "Pittsburgh Sandwich" made famous by the Primanti Brothers. They started out selling sandwiches in downtown Pittsburgh's Strip district back in the 30's and now have restaurants all over the city (and even in Florida!).

In case you're wondering exactly what is a "Pittsburgh Sandwich"? These monstrous sandwiches consist of 2 very thick slices of Mancini Bread (a big Pittsburgh tradition), Cole Slaw, french fries, and tomatoes on top of your choice of meats!

One of my favorite things about Pittsburgh is the view of the city skyline at night. I remember being a small child and rounding a bend and seeing that beautiful city in front of me all of a sudden, and all lit up! It's taken my breath away many times over the years. The view of our city from atop Mt. Washington (400 feet in the air) is really the best! Psst... don't forget to stop and grab a bite at one of the many fine dining establishments situated on top of this mountain. You won't be sorry!

Mt. Washington is also home to one of few remaining "inclines": The Duquesne Incline which is one of two original 1877 cable cars.

There's plenty to do and see in and around Pittsburgh, whether you're looking for culture or sports, shopping or fine dining, you'll find it in Pittsburgh! If you're coming here in the dead of winter, bring your boots and be prepared to stay a while! Last year in February, we had 24 inches of snow on the ground at one point.


  1. AND we Phillies phans are thankful DaBoyz from DaBurgh beat Atlanta!

    This is a great post!

    Mom will start drooling fur something from Primanti's!


  2. Yum! Although I am not from Pittsburgh, my extended family is, and many a time, I went out with the cousins, bar hopped, and then ended up at Primanti Brothers at 2 am. Nothing beats a buzz and one of those sandwiches. Heaven I tell you! heaven!! thanks for reminding me of such a good memory. :)

  3. I love Pittsburgh! I have family there and my husband and I love visiting! So much culture there, and that black and gold pride is so infectious! I ate at a Primanti Bros. during one of my last visits there, and it was DELISH. We actually stopped to catch Pitt playing in the NCAA bball tournament - Spring of '09, I think. It was SO much fuN!

  4. Oh my gosh! I have a number of friends who are from the area and they never mentioned that sandwich. For shame! That sandwich is positively sinful!

    Thanks for the tour, it was fabulous!! And thanks for being a part of BlogTrotting!

  5. I have never been there. Looks interesting.

  6. That sandwich looks like heaven and I bet it goes great with a cold beer! Mmmmm. Not for the calorie conscience! I blog in central Ohio, so we aren't too far from one another! My husband is a big Steeler's fan and before we had kids, we made a couple of weekend trips to see some football games. Pittsburgh is beautiful and it's a nice, short drive from Columbus! Great post!

  7. I need one of those sandwiches like RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Yum. Though I am a Bengals fan myself, I do respect the Steeler pride. I once went on a cruise, and on the Sunday when the boat left the dock, there were at least fifty passengers (presumably from PIttsburgh) who wore their Steelers jerseys. Thanks for the tour!

  8. Fun to go on a vacation right from the comfort of my desk chair. We have beautiful foliage like that here in NY, but not the yummy sandwich!

  9. I've never been there but I want to now, just from reading this post!

  10. This is making me dream of a vacation to Pittsburgh again. I must say, when I first went I wasn't expecting much, and boy was I stunned. Pittsburgh is gorgeous, the sandwich was amazing, etc... I loved every minute of it. Thank you.

  11. okay your blog is seriously adorable! I love it! I'm now following :)

  12. That sandwich...Oh my.
    And you know, I think The Steelers' Old School logo is dead cool. I am glad they have kept faith with it.

  13. I've been living in Pittsburgh for the last year and still haven't seen nearly enough of it. Love this little travel guide :)