Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lucy Lou Bugga Boo Is 2!

I can hardly believe it, but my baby girl turns 2 today! It seems like just yesterday that I was counting down the hours till I could bring her home. The time sure does go by quickly.

I thought that in honor of Lucy's 2nd birthday, I would take a look back through some of my favorite Lucy memories... Besides, I love looking at her baby pictures!

Happy birthday, lil' Angel! Mama, Daddy and Duke love you to pieces!

Lucy was 5 weeks old in this picture, and it was her very 1st puppy bone! I feel so lucky that I got to know her when she was so young! I miss that little pink nose with black spots!

This one was taken at 7 weeks old... with her mama counting down the days till she could bring Lucy home! My little princess!

Lucy's first night home with us, no need to worry that she didn't feel right at home. She curled right up between our two pillows and fell fast asleep!

This is definitely one of my favorite pictures of Lucy! She was very good at posing when she was a baby!

6 months old, and on the job with her mama!

10 months old, reunited with her favorite toy after it had a slight accident! This was the picture that I didn't know I had until I uploaded them! I was so excited by her flying ears!

The day after her 1st birthday! Lucy wouldn't be Lucy without a little bit of dirt, and some paint.

Hanging out with her new brother, and her favorite toy the day after we brought Duke home!

Looking for trouble in September of 2011! She just wanted her toy back!

In the kitchen with me last night, wondering when some good food was going to drop!


  1. Aww! Such a pretty girl! The pink puppy nose with the spots was just the cutest thing EVER!

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday, Lucy Lou Bugga Boo! I hope you party like a rock star to celebrate!

  3. Happy Birthday, Lucy! Such an adorable pup grew up into an....well, an adorable boxer girl! Celebrate!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Happy birthday Lucy!!
    Dachshund NOla

  5. Lucy Lou!!!

    You is two! Happy Happy Barkday to you! I sure hopes you gots extra luvins and some cake!
    We luvs you!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  6. Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy!! It was so great seeing her puppy pictures. Her ears flying almost looked like Freds! LOL! No wonder she stole your heart!!