Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Birthday Mop For Lucy...

The day before Lucy's birthday, Rob brought both kids to the store to hang out with us as we started to work on the tax information... Fun, fun, fun! I had a couple of errands to run and figured I had better take advantage of being able to leave the store while I could. So, I leashed Lucy and loaded her into the Boxer Mobile. 1st stop the bank: I don't like leaving Lucy in the car, so I went through the drive through window. About 5 tellers came to the window to check out Lucy, and the end result was a milkbone sent in that funny little tube.

Next stop, Fed Ex where I neglected to shut the alarm off on the car when I locked the doors. I was in the store, filling out paperwork when I heard the sound of my alarm and realized that Lucy had probably moved! Sure enough, it was the Boxer Mobile and Lucy, little darlin that she is, was sitting in the middle of the back seat looking around trying to figure out what the heck was going on! Note to self: remember to deactivate the alarm when leaving the vehicle!

3rd stop, Petsmart! I needed to get something to occupy the kids while we did paperwork and I wanted to let Lucy pick out a toy for her birthday! Petsmart is Heaven to a dog, all of the smells, the other dogs, the toys, the bones... It's just Heaven! Lucy is very good with little dogs, and there was a tiny little dog walking around the store with it's owner, all Lucy wanted to do was give that little dog a kiss, but the owner of the dog wouldn't let her get closer than 2 feet. I felt so bad! And of course, Lucy didn't understand, she kept looking back at me like "What's da matter wit dis lady, ma?"

Lucy did pick out a toy, and several different kids of bones and other things to chew on. Every time I take one of those boxer kids in there with me, I spend a small fortune! They're like little children looking up at me with those big brown soulful eyes, "Pleeeeeze, ma! We's don'ts have any toys ta playz wits!!!"

I held onto to Lucy's birthday toy till we got home on Saturday evening. She wasn't very patient with me as I attempted to cut the tags off without my glasses on, and there were several protests about the length of time it took me to do so. Finally, all tags were removed and Lucy took off running through the house swinging her birthday mop all over the place! Of course, Duke wasn't far behind her trying to get in on the action. Now if only that mop would actually clean up the mud that they deposit on my floors...


  1. Sounds like Lucy loved her birthday mop! You'll have to train her to mop up after herself and Duke! That would be hilarious!!

  2. That's a great toy! BOL mom does the same thing every time we go to Petsmart
    Dachshund Nola

  3. We always want to play with every dog we meet and some peeps won't let their dogs play. It makes us sad.

    Poor Lucy and the alarm!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Lucy sure looks like she's enjoying her new mop!

    My boys have never been to Petsmart. We don't have one in my town so I have to drive like 45 miles to another town. I have no doubt they'd love it there though and that I'd spend a small fortune there too! lol I love to buy my boys new toys because it makes them so happy!

  5. Oh boy! I wish I had a mop like Lucy does...
    Mama says ahm not allowed anymore toys till I plays with the ones I have. :(
    Happy Barkday Lucy!

  6. Dat sure is a most wunderful toy dat Lucy got fur her barkday! My mom won't takes me to PetSmart cuz I get too kerAzy when I am in dere. ;)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae