Sunday, June 19, 2011

Things You Bring Home From Florida

Lucy came home from Florida scratching at her ear, and when I lifted it up and looked in there, I knew we were going to be heading to the vet. Sure enough, Lucy had a yeast infection in her ear, and after much wiggling and being muzzled, the vet had filled Lucy's poor little ear with medication.

Duke didn't make the trip to the vet with us, and he knew immediately when we got home that his little sister had been traumatized. So, he stepped up to the plate and gave her tons of kisses and let her use him as a pillow!

Lucy also had a urinary tract infection, so we came home with antibiotics for that as well. I'm not so sure that they agree with Lucy because she's been pretty calm the last several days. Of course, that could have just been that she wasn't feeling well. She went to work 3 days with me this week, and pretty much just laid around. One night, on the way home, she decided she wasn't close enough to me and snuggled up on my lap for the remainder of the drive home. It's not easy to drive with a 55 pound boxer on your lap when you've got to shift!

Thankfully, her ear is no longer red and she seems to be returning to her silly little self!

Duke's been just laying back and taking it all in! Thankfully, he didn't come home from Florida with an ear infection too! I'm not sure I could handle two big, sick babies at the same time.

Duke always seems to have at least one eye on Lucy, sometimes I think that he's making sure that she's okay, other times I'm pretty sure he's just making sure he doesn't need to step in and tell her to "BEHAVE!" He takes being a big brother very seriously!


  1. That first picture is just adorable. :) I am sorry to hear of Lucy's woes, but it's good to also hear that she's on the mend.

  2. What sweet puppies! They are beautiful. I am glad your babies are all better, and yes, it is good only one came home sick. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Poor little Lucy! I'm glad she seems to be feeling better. It's always so awful when they're sick.

    I love that first picture. Very sweet!

  4. That Duke is such a sweetie! Hope poor Lucy's feeling 100% soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. Those two are quite something together :D

    Hope Lucy feels herself again real soon!

    Waggin at ya,

  6. Sometimes females can have the beginnings of a UTI without any signs. Make sure Lucy goes outside frequently. The more they go the better. Offer her water too. If she is prone to them, get her on a cranberry pill. It helps Gracie. Hope she feels better soon. Duke is being a good big brudder!