Sunday, June 12, 2011

Here We are....

We have just returned home from another trip to Florida. This was Duke's first long road trip, and his very first introduction to the Florida house! Seeing as how we'd never made the trip with two dogs in the car, I was a little nervous about how they would do. I shouldn't have been nervous, they were great!

When I got to the airport in Orlando, I was already missing my boxers who were returning home with their Daddy while I was flying home. I found a card with two boxers on it, and couldn't help but think that if Lucy and Duke had been puppies at the same time, this is exactly what they would have looked like. What do you think? The only difference is probably that Lucy would have been on top! Of course, I bought the card and have plans to frame it!

"I'm A Chillen'..."

Duke is very good at just hanging out, especially in this heat! One of his favorite places to crash is right in the middle of our kitchen floor... Wonder why that is? It's not real hard to figure out! Duke loves to eat, and Duke is always hungry!

He also has the most serious boxer face that I've ever seen! He always looks like he's trying to solve a really big problem! I think he needs some reading glasses and a cigar to complete his "Einstein" look!

Boxers are very kissy dogs- heck, most mornings before I leave the house, Lucy manages to kiss all of my makeup off of my face! Duke is a cuddler, but he's not a kisser. And in the 3 months that he's lived with us, he hasn't given his mother a single kiss... Until this past Friday that is! I guess maybe he was just undecided about whether or not he liked his mother enough to give her a kiss, or maybe he was just being his usual polite self, and thought that he didn't know me well enough to kiss me!

Lucy is her usual self, and up to all of her usual antics and then some. She's so good at making her mama laugh on a very regular basis!

Her latest... One morning last week, I started running water in the bath tub and walked away to make the bed. When I walked back into the bathroom, Lucy was soaking in my bath water having a grand old time!

She just adores her new "brudder" and makes sure that he gets more than enough of her attention. Most days, I'm pretty sure that Duke is just humoring her, because he seems like he would be more than content to take a long nap under a ceiling fan, but he'll chase her and a toy around the house for hours.


  1. That card is so cute! I am glad that Lucy and Duke are like peas and carrots. :)

  2. That card looks just like them...Duke with his black mask....and the blaze on Lucy.

    That was a long car ride, it's good they're such good travellers.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Kitchen tiles? Cool and always a chance for food.

  3. I had a cat once who always seemed to find the warmest and the coolest spots to lay and of course, it was right in the middle of where ever I needed to get to!

    I'm glad that Lucy and Duke are still such good buddies.

    Love that card! I'd probably frame it too.

  4. That card is perfect! I really laughed about Lucy taking over your bath. Our Rudy would probably do that, too, so it was a good reminder to me to not leave him alone with water in the bathtub. :-)

  5. So glad to see you back and sharing!!!