Thursday, April 15, 2010

And suddenly... never a dull moment!

Our morning routine now that Lucy is home with us consists of puppy out while mommy makes coffee and tries to wake up. Then I will typically join the dogs outside with a cup of coffee, wonderful PA weather permitting. Some mornings, Lucy is ready to go and full of energy and she'll run in circles and try to tease Ceasar into having a romp with her or try to make her way up the big yellow slide. Some mornings, she just wants to curl up on my lap and snuggle and give wonderful boxer kisses- this morning was definitely a curl up and snuggle morning. She wanted up really badly! I think it has a lot to do with how cold and wet out it is. She seems to get really cold, really fast because I've noticed her shivering on the colder mornings.

Lucy is completely fascinated by this empty planter and my little garden shovel.

She spends a lot of time trying to figure out exactly how to get in it, and every once a while will make a really good effort out of trying to get in- some day, I'm sure she'll accomplish this, but for now, she'll just have to think about it and experience those "near" accomplishments.

For the time being, she can get far enough in to dig in the dirt. I'm sure that one of these days, I'll discover a boxer sitting in the planter watching the world go by.

This is going to end up being one of my all time favorite Lucy pictures.

Sunday night, Rob and I took Lucy to my parents house for the first time. I couldn't wait for my parents and grandparents to meet her. Everyone fell in love with her! As is traditional with my mother meeting my "children" for the first time, my mother laughed and Lucy growled and snarled at her. (I guess giggles over her wrinkles are not appreciated and I think that my mother has learned her lesson!) I can tell Grandma & Grandpa might make good puppy-sitters one of these days!

Lucy loves to walk around with Rob's flip-flop, it's comical really because it's so big and she's so little. She looks so proud of herself marching across the deck with the shoe in her mouth. She never chews on it, but she will fall asleep on it- she will also do this with my slippers.

I guess I should be thankful that she doesn't like to chew on shoes!

This lounge chair is one of Lucy's favorite places to relax, and escape Ceasar. She will torment him, and then jump up on the chair to escape his wrath.

Little does she know, that if Ceasar really wanted to get her, he most definitely could and there isn't a chair in the world that will derail our 13 year old counter surfer!

She will sit in our laps for the longest time in this chair. I think it's kinda become "Lucy's chair". I know it's great to sit out there with my coffee and my little boxer snuggled in my lap. (Although, I know that these moments won't last because my little boxer, will soon be a big boxer!) I am certainly savoring these moments with her!

This morning before she fell asleep on my lap, Lucy sat staring out at the yard, watching Ceasar play with his ball, and watching all of the Robins. Every unique sound catches her attention, and lately there have been a lot of those. It amazes me how thoughtful my little boxer baby seems to be! She loves to sit and watch people, other animals, and most lately, fires. Her fascination with the television also amuses me, she will sit and watch and cock her little head to the left and then to the right. I've gotta get a picture of it. Even more amazing is how often she fails to pounce on whatever it is that has her attention. I will say that a leaf blowing across the yard or parking lot most definitely gets a pounce!

I have been focusing a lot of effort on the nipping issue. Last night, I gave her an all natural steer stick which captured her little shark jaws for about an hour. I was amazed at how goofy she was while chewing. She couldn't seem to sit still, and I wasn't the least bit surprised when she dragged that smelly steer stick right up onto my chest and proceeded to chew it directly underneath my nose. What the heck Lucy? Just because you love it, doesn't mean that I want to smell it. I didn't move her, because I figured that she was just being a boxer, and knew that she probably wouldn't stay up there very long, and I was right. The next 15 minutes yielded several comical "boxer" positions, and I got a big laugh out of watching her try to find "just the right way" to chew that steer stick!

At some point, she got really restless, and being the intuitive person that I am, I decided it was a good idea to take her outside. When we came back into the house, she marched right over to the "TV blanket" (The one that Rob & I always snuggles up with while watching TV) and curled up. I figured she was probably missing Rob who was out of town, so I drug the blanket upstairs and put it in bed, and that's where my little darling slept last night!

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