Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lucy's Home!

The wait is finally over! Lucy's home! Rob suprised me and came home early and went with me to pick her up. This week was long without my little visits to the breeders, and she seemed very happy to see me. The car ride home was pretty uneventful, a few wimpers here and there, but I think Lucy definitely knows me by now, so she must have felt pretty safe.

We went immediately to the back yard when we got home. She seememd a little hesitant to get too far away from me, especially when Ceasar (our 13 year old german shepherd) was around. There was a little incident during dinner- a few harsh words were exchanged, but everyone is all right. I'll be watching Lucy very closely around Ceasar until I'm sure he's okay with her. I think he mostly just scared her.

Lucy curled right up in bed with us last night. She found a spot between the pillows and the headboard and fell right to sleep. I guess we know where Lucy will be sleeping from now on. She cried for all of 5 seconds through the night. Rob & I were very impressed. We did get up with her 2 times through the night and take her outside- just to be on the safe side.

Lucy woke me up at 6:30 with her sweet little puppy kisses and puppy breath. She cuddled with me for a little while and tried to wake Rob up. I finally got up and took her outside to get some fresh air. It was a beautiful morning, and I couldn't wait to play with my pup. I made some coffee and took Lucy back outside. She seems to prefer stuffed animals to balls or bones and had a grand time playing with her new Kong Wubba bear. (Although, to be truthful, I believe she prefers her mother's fingers and ankles- which is a bad, bad thing.)

She's at work with me now- she's slept most of the day, although we've been outside in the sun playing several times. She's met the 3 customers that I've had in here today which she really seemed to enjoy. I have a little playpen for her in my office with a nice big blanket, toys and a chew bone.

I can't believe what a good girl she's being...


  1. She is SOOOO cute!!!! Congrats on getting her home and having a peaceful transistion so far!!!

  2. What a cutie! And, puppy breath .... oh how I miss that!

  3. Sheo looks so comfy in her new home!