Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lucy's Take... I Luvs Da Watering Can

I know's I haven't beens around much lately, I'ves missed you all terribly! I'ves been so busy takin care of my Hooman. She hasn't been right since she tooks dat vacation and lefts me here. She's coughin, sneezin and blowin hers nose all da time. Da other night, she wokes up in da middle night coughin and couldn't stops. I tried to makes her better by givin hers lots of kisses, but I don'ts tink it worked, cause she's still coughin! I sures hopes I don't get what's she's got... cause Daddy's gots it too!

Anyways, I thoughts I would tells you all abouts my latest adventures with a waterin can. I founds it in da yard, and carried it into da house da other day.

Dats me rights der with da watering can. See dat handle? Dat's how I carried it into da house.

I's not sure why, but dat waterin can felt really good on my teeth and I chewed, and chewed and tossed it all over da living room.

I hads so much fun playing wit dat watering can. It mades a lots of noise when it hits da floor though!

My Hooman says she won't be waterin da flowers wit dis anymore! Wonders why? She tooks it aways from me and threw it out. I would've played with its some more... but my Hooman seemed to tink it was dead! Oh wells! I'ms off to find sometin else to get into!


  1. Wonder why your human threw away your watering can? Looks like a fine toy and still had plenty of playing and fun left in it. Humans can be silly sometimes :)
    The Road Dogs

  2. Those humans don't " mark" their toys like we do so that it would be easier to avoid these things.

  3. Sorry your human is still so sick. We have missed you. Looks like you were just getting started on that watering can. You should see what we've done with our human's. Sure makes a great toy!!

  4. You would think your human would understand that in going green, she should let you recycle that watering can for a long time!


  5. I think you're probably a lot like my dad's young beagle - always getting into something!

    I hope your human's are feeling better. It's no fun to be sick.

  6. Nothing last two long with doggies. I think she should have let you play with it.

  7. I'm sorry your Mom's not feeling well after her beautiful trip!!
    I'm also sorry there's been a fatality in your house with the watering can--It's the end of the season, so I'm sure she'll be able to buy a new and better one real cheap! :-)))

  8. That watering can looked like it was lots of fun :) I hope your human feels better-she's probably stressed from leaving you!

  9. No, it'z just playin deadz!
    Tell that hooman to just let you have the dead one, so you don't take the new one and kill it toos.

  10. My Minnie loves the watering can too! She just doesn't water anything with it!