Friday, October 18, 2013

Update 1 of 2... Duke

Gasp, I've been in Orlando for a little over a year, and life hasn't gotten any easier in the last year. Every time I turn around there is something else going on... and of course, I keep thinking, "I need to write in my blog...". Guilt consumes me as I've neglected one of my favorite past times over the last year! But, it's not the only thing- I very rarely cook, and I haven't baked anything since Christmas... Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it's off to work I go!

I digress...Life with boxers is as wonderful as ever;   Lucy & Duke are doing wonderful! They enjoy the Florida sunshine more than I ever thought possible. Even Duke who used to hate the heat, has taken to lying in the grass on sunny afternoons when his mama isn't at work.  Some days, I have a hard time getting him inside.  No big surprise for the boy who paws at me until I hit him with the heat from the blow dryer every morning.  But, don't worry, of course, this little boxer mama has a fail proof way to get him out of the heat when it's necessary.  All I have to do, is rattle the lid on the treat jar, and Duke moves as fast a race car at Indy.

Duke is a total mama's boy (and I couldn't be happier!).  This big guy's favorite past time is snuggling on top of his mama.  And as always, he's never far from me when I'm home; if I'm taking clothes out of the dryer, Duke's right beside me, if I'm taking a shower, Duke's right outside of the shower door, and of course, if I'm in the kitchen, he's right under my feet (which can be very complicated!)  I just love this big guy!  Shh... don't tell anyone, but my 90 pound boxer boy, is a total teddy bear... with a bark that will scare even the meanest toughest UPS guy enough to send him quickly scooting back to his big brown truck!

2 1/2 weeks ago, Duke had surgery to remove the bump on the top of his head.  I hadn't originally planned to do anything with it, all along we were under the impression that it was just scar tissue and nothing more.  But, when Duke saw our new vet here in Orlando for the 1st time, the vet insisted upon removing it.  So, in he went!  I took this picture of him the day after surgery.  Can you tell he was sucking it up?  Of course, he's been spoiled as much as possible, what other choice did I have?

Actually, the lump on his head was something called a dermoid sinus.  It was something that I had never heard of, but it's common in boxers, and is pretty much a birth defect.  Had we chosen to leave it alone, it probably would have just kept growing.  Our vet felt confident in removing it at this point that he could get all of it, and that Duke would only have a tiny scar, not that a scar matters much to us.  He doesn't think it's going to grow back, and thankfully, it wasn't cancerous!  We love Duke scar or no scar!

Duke has been a model patient, even though at times, I know his head was itchy as could possibly be.  He has this funny little dance of sorts that he would do every time his head got itchy.  He would dance around for a while, eventually lie down, and Lucy would come to his rescue, gently licking his head and soothing his itchies.  Thankfully, little Lucy is a gentle licker!

We had hoped to get the stitches taken out on Tuesday, but when we returned to the vet, it just wasn't meant to be.  Vet thought that we should wait another week.  I think I was more upset about it than Duke was, but no point in risking the incision opening up again... so we wait!

Wednesday evening, a soccer ball mysteriously landed in our yard.  Duke was so happy, you would have thought it was a t-bone steak.  I thought he was going to die when the neighbor kid hollered over the fence asking for the ball.  I swear I saw a total look of disappointment on his face...  I tossed the ball over the fence promising Duke a soccer ball of his very own.

On my way home from work the next day, I stopped and bought Duke a bright red soccer ball.  He was so excited, that even the sound of the treat jar opening, wouldn't lure him from the yard and the ball!

If only I had known sooner that Duke would be thrilled to the moon and back with a soccer ball, I would have bought one much sooner!

I promise to be back within the next couple of days with an update on Lucy....


  1. Welcome back! I'm glad to see everyone is doing fine. Duke looks very handsome with his stitches. My husband always said chicks dig guys with scars... ;)

    Monty and Harlow

  2. It is sooo good to hear from you,, I know sometimes things get in the way,, but we have been here waiting for you.

  3. Great to hear from you. We do wonder what absent bloggers are doing. Sounds hectic. But we're glad the Boxers are enjoying life!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Welcome back! I thought you had stopped blogging, but didn't want to unfollow just in case you decided to come back.

    Glad Duke is OK and that the surgery went well.

  5. I'm pretty sure Deb had a dermoid sinus removed from CBGB too. So glad Duke is doing well and has finally acclimated to Florida.