Friday, December 14, 2012

Lucy's Take... What I've Been Ups To!

Duke and I's human is very busy, and so's I begged to say hello to all of you for her!  And Duke's gonna gets his turn too!  We boths haves to step up to the plates and help da human outs!  She's really gots her hands full.  She's working every single day, ands trying to takes good care of us and da house and da yard.  Frankly, da bags under her eyes are getting kinda bad.  I wishes she coulds take us and run away on vacation...  but's she says she has sponsabilities, whatever those are.  We will just haves to do our best to be good little boxers.

Every single morning we reminds her to feeds us and gives us our Fish Oil.  Ands at night, we always helps her out by reminding her dat it's time for our walk, and times for bed, and times for our marrow bones.  We's are getting very good at reminding da human to do things.  It's a good ting too, because she's not too sharp right now.  What's would she do wits out us?  I can only imagines.

We hads a wonderful Tanksgiving.  Haves you ever had turkey?  Well, our human let us have some!  She tolds us we couldn't haves a bunch, but she gave us a little bit!  It's was so wonderful.  (Thankfully, da human mades a huge turkey and we hads leftovers for days, and days, and days!).  I'm not sure whats it was, but I felt a little sleepy after I gots da turkey...  I sure do love da new sofa.  It's perfect for napping!

Daddy came from Pittsburgh to spends da holiday wits us, and we had house guests too!  Dats was a lot of fun.  They really liked Duke and I and we mades sure that we snuggled wits them a lot so dat they will come back and see us again.

We spents most of da day outs in da yard wits Daddy, he was enjoying the sunshine cause he says dat there isn't any of it in Pittsburgh and dat it's very cold there.  Sure glad dat we're in Florida...  Cause I luvs da sunshine!

I really do loves living in Orlando.  But's it hasn't been wits out it's problems.  Ever since I's got here, I's been itching and scratching. Several weeks ago, da human tooks me to meets a new vet.  She was really nice, but she gaves me a shot and pills to take.  I's started to feel betters, but den I started itching again.

Da humans been trying all kinds of stuff to help me to feels better. She says dat she doesn't wants dem to give me somethins called Steroids...  So, she's been giving me honey, grown rights here in Orlando, apple cider vinegar, and fish oil.  To be's very honest wits ya, da fish oil is my favorite.  It smells wonderful and I look forwards to getting it...

She tolds me dis morning dats she doesn't tinks its working, I tinks dat might means we're heading back to da vets.  I hopes dat after I see da vet again, da human doesn't takes my fish oil away...

Oh, ands I almost forgot... my itchiness means dat I gets to wear all kinds of cool t-shirts and hoodies.  Da human even boughts me some of my very own.  Daddy's t-shirts are my favorite though, and I love da hoodie she boughts for me for our Christmas picture...

Well, I hads better run.  I'm sure dat there is something just waiting for dis little boxer to take cares of.  A boxers work is never done!  Ifs I don't gets to talk to you all again before Christmas.... Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh Lucy! I don't like being itchy, but I sure am jealous of your new clothes!
    Mama and Dad are going to Orlando for their anniversary next year! Hopefully it's still sunny then. :)

  2. Great to hear from you Lucy. Sorry about the itchies. We're glad you're taking your mum on long walks, 'cause that's good for peeps.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and get lots of treats (and more turkey.)

  3. Lucy-
    Love the picture of you on the sofa...looks like our dad after a big turkey dinner...BOL.
    Hope you get over your scratchy itchys soon. I get that way sometimes if I have too many kinds of fancy foods, gotta stick to my regular diet :(


  4. Ah it's good to see you two! :)

    I had the same itchiness from all kinds of plants here in Florida. Mom didn't want me taking any of those Steroids either. We found Skin-eze through allergicpet(dot)com. It's an herbal supplement - no steroids :) I've been taking it for more than two years now and very rarely have any itchies at all! Just thought you might like to know about it in case it would work for you too.

    Merry Christmas to you, Duke, and your pawrents!

    Waggin at ya,

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family from me and the chi's!

  6. We hope they figure out your itchies soon - we know they are no fun. The fish oil helped Monty out with his, and Sam and he have super nice and shiny coats!

    Will things settle down soon?


  7. Hope you're having a happy new year!

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